Sep 24, 2021 | House Flipping

How Glenn & Amber Schworm Help with Home Flipping?

Home flipping is about buying a property that has the potential to increase in value in the future. Simply put, a home-flipping business helps people generate substantial wealth from the real estate investment market. It involves buildings that will increase in value after a few repairs and renovations. The idea might sound pretty simple, as all you have to do is find a property and make an investment. But, it isn’t a cakewalk. Finding the best property, funding the investment, and finding the best buyer for the house can get pretty overwhelming especially for first-time investors.

That’s why Glenn and Amber have introduced the 3-days Home Flipping Workshop, which is started with the main objective of teaching aspiring real estate investors the easiest and effective ways to grow their wealth in this market. You are taught the basics of making an investment in this sector and how you can generate wealth by making informed decisions. Everything is taught from scratch and you are given personalized training. Before we discuss the details of the Home Flipping Workshop, let’s talk a little about Glenn and Amber and what got them into starting the real estate coaching business.

Glenn and Amber – The Experienced and Professional Real Estate Coaches

Amber and Glenn Schworm are two of the most successful real estate investors with great experience in this area. Having made millions from real estate investment, Glenn and Amber have achieved a lot over the past few years. They teach people the tips for making money in real estate without spending a single dime from their pockets. Yes, you heard it right! You don’t need hundreds of thousands of dollars in your savings account to start your real estate business.

Glenn and Amber started as real estate investors in 2007 when the US economy went through a major recession period. Despite the pandemic, they managed to flip their first house the same year and made a whopping profit of $17,000 from the same. They sold their next property for a profit of $33,000. Since then, they are doing great in the property market and have generated significant wealth from this market. Glenn and Amber are now teaching these formulas to aspiring investors who want to build a stress-free career in real estate.

They are organizing a 3-day live Home Flipping Workshop. The specialty of this workshop is that you will get to learn the tested and proven formulas that have worked for not only Glenn and Amber but their students as well. Many students who took coaching from these professional real estate trainers have now established their dream career around real estate.

Glenn and Amber developed the “find, fund, fix, flip, and hold” strategy through which they teach their students the proven methods of flipping houses to clients. They have been training beginners and experienced investors for the past several years, and have gained quite a reputation in this industry. Through the Home Flipping Workshop, they have trained many people to make hundreds of thousands of dollars on every real estate deal. These students included those who didn’t have any money to invest in real estate. What sets Glenn and Amber apart from other real estate coaches is their level of experience.

They didn’t have any formal education when starting their career in real estate, but they did a wonderful job in building their career around this industry. While everything went well for the couple, they did make mistakes initially. They don’t want their students to make the same mistakes, especially beginners. That’s why they are conducting this live Home Flipping Workshop where people from any part of the world can participate and learn the best tactics to invest in properties.

Become Pro at Real Estate Investment

The best part about the real estate investment market is that you don’t have to wait for months or years to see the results. Glenn and Amber are there to assist you throughout your investment career and will share with you the ways to make BIG chunks of cash fast. Unlike stock and bond investment, the real estate market has the potential to grow your money in no time. That’s what makes real estate an ideal choice for those who have emergency financial requirements. Whether you want to finance your kid’s tuition fees or buy your favorite sports car, real estate investment gives you a golden opportunity to achieve your dreams easily.

Glenn and Amber teach you the ways to become a successful real estate investor as soon as possible. They want you to make the right decisions and take planned steps to grow your career in this industry. In this 3-day workshop, they will teach you everything you need to know about house flipping in detail. As mentioned earlier, the system teaches you the 4f’s of investment. Here’s what you will learn by the end of this workshop:

  • Find the best properties that can be sold for a higher price
  • Fund your real estate investment
  • Fix the property so that it attracts the attention of more homebuyers
  • Flip your house
  • Hold the property to generate a stable rental income in the long run

These were the basic investment techniques you get to learn at the Home Flipping Workshop. In these 3-days, you will become a pro at real estate investment. Plus, you will learn a lot about how the real estate market works and what tricks can help you make the best of your investment.

You can join this live workshop for just $59. Book your spot right NOW to become part of the Home Flipping Workshop and get a chance to see Glenn and Amber speak about real estate investment and the tricks to grow your money from this segment. They will teach you the tips they have taught to the students who are now making more than $40,000 for every home deal.


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