The Day I Fired My Boss

A Message From Glenn:

The Day I Fired My Boss

After watching John invest over two decades of spending long days away from his wife and children, I learned a challenging lesson. John helped build a business for someone else. He chose a demanding career that required dedication, a specific skill set, and charismatic professionalism. As a result, he single-handedly secured contracts, increased the company's worth, and maintained a sharp sense of competitiveness. John did everything employers expect from an exceptional employee. Until one day, the company decided to offer John a crappy severance package and part ways. The decision to terminate John created a sense of undying anxiety amongst those who remained on the payroll. When companies deeply dampen morale with layoff after layoff, employees wonder who will be next. These days, John's story can quickly become yours.

We remember when Microsoft buried layoff news regarding 12,500 employees in the 11th paragraph of a memo. The workforce didn't get any better when AOL laid off hundreds of employees via a conference call. No employer seems to offer the kind of economic security workers are seeking. Even Twitter employees learned they'd lost their jobs when they could no longer access email.

As we approach Labor Day, how fitting is it to remind you about an opportunity to learn the critical components of real estate investing? In this shifting economy, job security is a crucial concern for the modern family. You no longer have to work hard, spending time away from your aging children while waiting to get laid off. You can't rewind time and reclaim lost moments and missed memories with family. However, what if you could become your own boss? Have you ever imagined owning the opportunity to control your daily schedule?

We want to teach you how we used real estate investing to achieve our dream of financial and time freedom. Join us during our FREE WEBINAR and learn how you'll soon find yourself telling others about The Day I Fired My Boss.

Glenn & Amber Schworm


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Individual real estate investors account for 74.4% of rental properties in the US. 

(US Census Bureau)

One of the biggest barriers to entry among prospect real estate investors is feeling intimidated by the market complexities, competition, and having the funds to get started. What this statistic should tell you is that real estate investing is a family business, not a corporate one. Owning rental properties is how generational wealth is created, and every day people across the country are taking advantage.



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