Jan 6, 2022 | RE Investing

What is the Real Estate of Mind by Glenn & Amber Schworm?

Real estate is often seen as the upper-tier market where success depends on your luck. Contrary to popular belief, luck isn’t even a factor when it comes to real estate investment! Success in this diverse and complex industry depends largely on your skills and knowledge. Of course, there are no formal degree or training requirements when it comes to real estate, but owing to the complexity of this market and the cut-throat competition, it goes without saying that a successful real estate investor is one who has the mindset of a real estate investor. Simply put, you need to think and act like an investor to grow your money from this industry. 

The Schworm’s 3-day Home Flipping Workshop is designed to teach you the basics of real estate investment, as well as give you the tools to develop a mindset that will lead you to success and financial independence. Joined by thousands of aspiring investors from all over the world, the Home Flipping Workshop is your best place to learn the fundamentals of investment. You get to learn from the real-life experiences of the coaches who have built a successful career in the investment market. Not only do they teach you the tested and proven formulas for making a profitable sale, but the Home Flipping Workshop is all about helping you overcome your fear of investment. 

Learn the Art of Investment

When a beginner enters the investment market, they dream BIG. They think about how they can make million-dollar sales in real estate. Some investors manage to generate a decent profit from property flipping, while others get stuck with a house that needs renovations worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Finding the best property and then evaluating it for any potential fixes is not a piece of cake. Hundreds of thousands of people join VestorPRO to get personalized training from Glenn and Amber for conducting real estate deals. 

They are taught the ways to grow income in this market and how it can be used to generate substantial profit. Using their 10+ years of experience, Glenn and Amber now aim to provide students with the best training and knowledge for helping them start a profitable career in real estate and make their first sale effortlessly. You are also taught the ways to secure your financial future through real estate investment. 

Glenn and Amber believe that knowledge of real estate alone may not work for those who want to build a successful career and life around the investment industry. In order to grow your money, it’s important that you develop the mindset of an investor. At VestorPRO, you are taught actionable tips on how you can grow your money in the investment industry and generate substantial wealth from this market. 

The Growth Journey of Glenn and Amber

Glenn and Amber have become two successful real estate agents with over 10 years of experience in flipping houses. They are passionate about guiding people through their real estate investment journey and helping them secure their financial futures. They have flipped more than 600 houses in the past and generated a whopping $57 million from the investment market. They have experience working as real estate coaches and agents. The coaches share with you the tips for generating immediate cash flow and making long-term passive income.

The couple started their career in real estate investment back in 2007 out of desperation, as they were under the debt of $80k. They needed money immediately to get out of the debt and build a successful career in the investment industry. They made their first sale in the same year, by flipping a house for a profit of $17,000. In the next 33 days, they made another sale and generated $33,000 from the investment. They always wanted to help people grow. When they achieved success in real estate, they started the coaching business where they teach proven formulas for making BIG chunks of money in the investment market. Now, they show people how they can transform their lives by making informed decisions and investing in the right market. 

What is the Home Flipping Workshop?

Hosted by Glenn and Amber Schworm, the Home Flipping Workshop is a virtual event that’s conducted for aspiring real estate investors who want to grow their wealth in the investment market in no time. Their educational material, resources, and other training tools come from their real-life experience. Having flipped hundreds of houses over the past few years, Glenn and Amber have got everything it takes to build wealth. 

That’s why they have launched the Home Flipping Workshop, a 3-day virtual event where you can learn the basics of real estate investment from the comfort of your homes. Here’s what you will learn by the end of the virtual workshop:

  • Find: The coaches teach you the ways to find properties in the best area with the least competition. They help you find properties in your desired location.
  • Fund: Fund your investment with minimal risk and grow your investment portfolio without having to spend a single penny from your pocket.
  • Fix: Evaluate the property thoroughly and make necessary renovations to improve its condition and increase its value. 
  • Flip: Regardless of the current market condition and the competition in real estate, flip your renovated properties for the maximum profit. Find the best home buyer for your house and flip it at a whopping price.
  • Hold: Grow your income over time by holding the properties for the long term and generating a stable rental income from your investment. Learn the basic ways to keep the property for consistent cash flow.

Anyone can be part of the real estate investment industry, but it takes skills and knowledge to make the best of your investment and grow your wealth in this industry. That’s what Glenn and Amber help you achieve. They provide you with the tools and resources to generate wealth in real estate over time.


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